Vinyasa means ‘with breath’, and these flowing classes are open to everyone. Each teacher brings their unique gifts to class from Budokon to chanting to athletic choreography to sound journey. We’ll guide you to find the perfect class for you. 

Source Yoga

At The Source, we emphasize transformation. How can we apply Yogic philosophy to our daily lives? These Vinyasa-based classes weave mindfulness into movement, allowing us to pause and find this self-reflection.

Yin Flow

Yin focuses on releasing the connective tissue around the joints and throughout the body. By using props, we are able to settle in and hold poses for several minutes. While this practice may seem slow, it is deep and gives us access to letting go within our physical body and our energetic/emotional body. This practice is slow, deep, and allows us to ‘let go’.

Gentle Yoga

This class is perfect for all levels of practice, especially for beginners or those stepping back onto their mats. Moving gently in and out of poses, we take the opportunity to refine and integrate each movement. These sessions are an artful blend of Vinyasa, Yin and mindfulness. 

Beginner Yoga Series

A perfect introduction to Yoga, this rolling six-week series offers classes on both Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  We break down the foundation poses, how to modify for your own body, understanding of breath work, and concepts of philosophy. 


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