Our friend, lead Yogi and lecturer Bianca Volans 

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My arrival at The Source was like coming “home”. I knew the minute I was greeted by Rene, that this was a place I could spend alot time at!

Having moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town, a year into my change of city, I had explored many yoga spaces. I was looking for a place where I could be me. A place where an “openness” was practiced – open to all walks of life, all views of  life and all of this not only being accepted, also celebrated at the same time!

Looking back on that first Sunday morning “trial” class that I taught, I honestly had no idea of the potential I was stepping into! Both Bryan and Rene, embraced me, were open to my own journey and willing to work beside me to create whatever was available right in front of us!

One of my favourite things I enjoy, being part of this community (and it truly is a special community!) is the REALness of this space. I have had some incredible conversations and realisations and experiences in one place – with all “parts” of this beautiful synergy – from the front desk, beautiful Annie, and her infectious exploration of life, to students and their beautiful vulnerabilities and teacher trainers for their courage and commitment to delve deeper into themselves. And what sets this community aside from others, is the alert attention to transformation and potential of each “player” whether it be, Levson, looking after the beautiful grounds, or Bryan, always open for a hug, a laugh and a reassuring conversation or the very lovely Rene, grounded, supportive and real! This is the uniqueness I find I am always excited to be around, each time I pull up into the car park. I love calling this space my second HOME – it always will be!

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0:00 – 1:30

Bianca Journey into Yoga
Other Disciplines
1:30 – 11:40

Your Yoga deepened
Yoga Philosophy
Yoga Teacher Training
11:40 – 15:40

Bianca Stretched
15:40 – 18:07

Bianca falls off the mat
The Hamster Wheel
Finding The Source
18:07 – 26:50

The Diffrence That The Source is…
26:50 – 30:00

A learning Organization
Allowing & Inquiry

Bianca’s awakening Moment
32:00 – 36:30

Being Awake everyday
36:30 – 37:30

The Importance of Being Accountable
37:30 – 39:00

Stop, turn & facing Yourself
The Shadow work
Deep Yoga
The Tool Box
Rose Tinted Glasses
When Your Ego brings you to your Knees
39:00 – 50:00

Authentic Home
50:00 – 51:29

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