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Chudala Chapter 9

Listen now to the four types of desire. One desire is the deep sleep state, one is the dream state, the third is the waking state desire and the fourth is called the thin state. Inanimate objects or beings have the deep sleep desire. Transitioning beings like animals have the dream desire, they have no desire for knowledge. Sentient beings such as humans and gods have the waking state desire. These three states are not free and are qualities of the ignorant. The fourth, or thin desire, is for wise ones, meaning the ones in whom the reality of desire has been destroyed. They are in desire but they remain free.
When even this type of desire has subsided the world in front of you no longer remains.
When vaasanaaa, or the imaginary sense of desire arises from the Kundalini Shakti, then through the 5 elements and the 5 senses the appearance of the world takes place. The seed of the tree that is the form of the world is only this imaginary desire. The ten directions are the leaves of that tree. Good and bad deeds are its flowers, and animate and inanimate beings are its fruit. The soul gets the result of the types of desires it encounters. O Ram! Therefore give up imaginary desire that is the seed of a tree in the form of the world. Becoming desire-less is only what a human should strive for.

One Comment to "Chudala Chapter 9"

  • Celeste says:

    July 6, 2015 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    All the deep thoughts from the session tonight are still sinking in. Some absolutely fascinating points came up that I’m sure will reverberate throughout the comings and goings of our lives over the next few weeks. Especially as we seem to synchronise more and more as the sessions continue.

    The more sessions I’ve been attending the more connected and grounded I’ve started feeling. Tonight I definitely had a sense of ‘home’ in that space around the red carpet. Thank you to those that instrumental in its running, and to all the lovely people that join the discussions. It’s been an amazing and transformative journey so far and I look forward to seei NHS and experiencing where it leads.

    Also, the dancing was ģreat, again – beautiful way to loosen up and lighten up and open up all the (how many thousand?) channels in our bodies. Also, the sit down stand up comedy – awesome 🙂 Loving how it lightens up these deep conversations 🙂

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