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Chudala – Chapter 8

Ram asked – Lord, how is it that the Self is known from the KUNDALINI SHAKTI in the spine? The Self is distinct from all the changes of time and space even though it permeates them.
Vashist-ji spoke – As the sun is reflected in the water and in the sunlight all things are seen, so the light of the Self is reflected in the KUNDALINI SHAKTI. In that light all things are visible and the infinite reality, BRAHM, is everywhere seen to be the same.  Nowhere is it invisible. It is known and seen when the perception is in it’s sattwic or refined mode. All the channnles in the body and the senses have sprouted from the KUNDALINI SHAKTI. When a person gets established in KUNDALINI SHAKTI the inner air becomes still, and whatever channles of breath exist are all under the control of that person. Just as the whole army is controlled by the king, so all the senses are controlled by the PRAAN, the subtle energy that gives rise to the breath. The one who has not controlled the breath falls victim to diseases of body and mind.
Ram asked – Lord, Please tell me how these diseases of body and mind take place. Vashisht-ji said, – O Ram. The troubles of the mind are called AADHI and the pain of the body is called VYAADHI. AADHI, the disease of the mind, takes place when the mind imagines that it wants some type of happiness. If the object of that happiness is not obtained the worry begins. Pain ensues and disease follows soon after. VYAADHI, bodily pains, take place when the VAAT, PIT, and KAPH, or the vital humours, become depleted in the body. From this, pain comes to a pesrson. Sometimes these two types of pain are mixed and sometimes they are separate. To the wise one neither type of pain takes place. This power of being free from pain I have not yet described to you in detail because the knowledge of the Self is given in a certain order. Otherwise this power becomes an obstacle to Self realization.

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